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Liability insurance

Willis Towers Watson Polska also specialises in liability insurance. Within our structures we have developed a department dedicated to the servicing of liability insurance that employs experienced personnel, mainly with a legal education.

Our services are used by entities from various sectors including:

  •  law firms
  •  design offices
  •  architectural studios
  •  construction companies
  •  hospitals and other entities from the public sector

Our clients also include the biggest legal associations with over 10,000 members for whom we service both mandatory and voluntary insurance.

Our offer includes specialist products covering:

  •  Liability insurance of economic activity
  •  Employer’s liability insurance
  •  Liability insurance against environmental damage, including ecological
  •  General and professional liability insurance for all participants in the construction process
  •  Directors and company officers’ liability
  •  Professional liability insurance of liberal professions and professional groups

Not only can our Clients count on finding coverage that meets their specific needs, but also on our consultancy services during the term of the insurance and professional help in the event of a loss occurrence.

Sylwia Kozłowska

Liability Insurance Department Director

Tel. +48 22 318 85 27



Sylwia Kozłowska