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Reinsurance is an indispensable tool enabling an insurance company to secure financial / technical results against the negative impact of single, major damage or series of minor damages in case of events such as floods.

Reinsurance protection can be covered by a single risk, parts of the insurance portfolio, the business lines as well as the entire insured portfolio.

In order to prepare the best reinsurance offer we use not only our direct contacts to the reinsurance market, but we work closely with Willis Re in London and the London market.

We offer comprehensive services for both optional and obligatory reinsurance contracts for all types of risks, including life.

We provide our clients with care throughout the duration of the cooperation, both in the process of arranging the protection as well as agreeing the special acceptance and the settlement of the damage.

We offer an audit of the terms of existing reinsurance contracts. The after-audit analysis and critical, fresh insights into the current reinsurance programs allow us to prepare an alternative reinsurance protection with the participation of the best players operating on the reinsurance market.

In co-operation with our team of London actuaries we can analyze the entire insurance portfolio, provide risk modeling and tailor optimal reinsurance solutions.

In addition, we help in the development and implementation of new insurance products such as cybernetic insurance.

We have the most experienced team of reinsurance brokers in Poland and, thanks to our excellent knowledge of the market and functioning in an international environment, we can  guarantee the most effective reinsurance solutions.

Janusz Chmielewski

Director of Reinsurance Department

Tel. +48 22 2055 385



Janusz Chmielewski