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Property and business
interruption insurance

Willis Towers Watson Polska, as the biggest broker on the market, has extensive experience in placing/administrating property insurance. Our property insurance offer includes all types of products and services available on the market:

  •  Natural disaster and terrorism insurance
  •  Technical insurance:
    - Contractor’s All Risks (C.A.R.) and Erection All Risks (E.A.R)
    - Machines and equipment 
    - IT risks
  •  Business Interruption
  •  Financial insurance, including trade, credit and financial security.

In addition, we offer a full range of insurance services covering:

  •  Property appraisal
  •  Complex risk assessment
  •  Risk management strategy development
  •  Estimation of possible maximum loss (PMI)

Because we operate within international brokerage structures, our activities are not limited to the local market. We also place risks abroad, mainly on the French and British markets.

Wojciech Woźnica

Head of Natural Resources

Tel. +48 22 2055396



Wojciech Woźnica