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Claims handling

Within WTW Services, we have created a claims handling department providing its services to:

  •  Polish and foreign insurance companies
  •  Clients of the Willis Towers Watson group, in particular leasing companies, long-term rental companies, courier companies and professional associations.

Services of WTW Services cover the following areas:

  • Complex handling of motor claims, property damage and personal injury
  • Claims monitoring
  • Assessing of recourse claims
  • Sales of salvaged vehicles

We conduct claim handling activities from the claim notification receipt stage to the indemnity payment stage.

Personnel at our Clients’ disposal:

  •  A 35-person team of experienced employees
  •  Six appraisers at the company’s office who may conduct an inspection immediately after an event occurrence
  •  Network of appraisers throughout Poland
  •  24 h call-center receiving claim notifications
  •  IT tools enabling an online preview of the claims handling process

Dorota Przybyszewska

Claims Handling Department Director

Tel. +48 22 318 89 01



Dorota Przybyszewska